With so many varieties of cheese available and so many different types of wine, it can seem impossible to find the perfect pairing combination.
Here are a few pointers that can make your next pairing adventure a success. And please share with us your favorite pairings!

  1. We often find people serving big robust reds with just about every kind of cheese – SURPRISE!  White wines often go better. Why? Clean whites with refreshing acidity provide a palate cleanse, perfect when paired with soft and creamy cheeses that have a tendency to coat your palate.
  2. Big, powerful, fruit forward reds with good acidity and lots of flavor suit hard cheeses with strong, pungent flavors best. Or be adventurous and pair with sweet or fortified wines like sherry or port for a tantalizing treat that will have your palate jumping for joy.
  3. If serving cheese as an aperitif, you can’t go wrong with BUBBLES! Have fun, serve a Spanish Cava with Manchego or Tetilla. We are loving our Cremant de Jura with Gruyere at the moment.
  4. Mild cheeses often have a sweet component so pairing with dry wines can cause palate confusion and make the wines taste overly acidic and too tart – opt for a semi-dry reisling, gewurtztraminer, or dessert wine instead.

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