Being raised in a household of five you learn very quickly that every person is a unique individual, with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Wine grapes seem to share that quality. And like us, each one of them has it’s own characteristics that make it unlike the others.

Read these personality profiles of some of the classic varietals and decide for yourself which one you think best fits your personality. You might be pleasantly surprised what you learn about your favorite grape, and maybe yourself as well!

Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet lives a full life, rich with adventure and experience. Time is their friend as their maturity becomes evident in their self-expression. They are incredibly resilient and this makes them a great partner for the difficult times. Loyal and true, they can be somewhat unpredictable if pushed too much, but will rarely let you down.

Chardonnay – Happy go lucky, you would want to hang out with Chardonnay. Slightly reserved at first, they will open up over time to reveal a depth of character not previously expected and will quickly endear themselves. Somewhat susceptible, they can over-extend themselves if not careful.

Merlot – Merlot is a pleaser—the guy that nobody can really dislike. Partly being attributed to its flexibility and never stepping too far outside of the box. It’s its own worst critic, sometimes it will benefit from a little introspection in its continual pursuit of perfection.

Pinot Gris – This is the polite neighbor that lives next door. His garden is tidy, his lawns mowed, he’s clean and organized. The quiet type, you might not notice him in a crowded room, and he’s kind of hard to read—but when did blending in become a bad thing?

Pinot Noir – This is the difficult one of the bunch. Picky, temperamental, and easily upset, high-maintenance would only begin to describe their propensity for being ill and dehydrated. However, give them all the love and attention that they need and the result is relationship for the ages.

Riesling – Riesling gets along with everyone and because of that, gets invited to a lot of events. Comfortable in their own skin, they often become the life of the party, embracing their own uniqueness. Love ‘em or leave ‘em, this is who they are.

Sauvignon Blanc – Seen be others as being slightly aggressive, Sauvignon Blanc is actually just a poking fun and being sarcastic. Full of energy and zest, they can be nervous at times, but their character will always shine through.

Syrah – Often seen as being a bit sultry, perhaps even cocky, Syrah’s self-assured manner will grow on you as you allow the early intimidation to fade into admiration for their boldness and sensuality.

Viognier – Viognier is elegant, it’s rare, and it can be a bit fussy. Considered by some as a bit of a dandy, it likes to make you work for the complexity, but offers great reward for those willing to endure.

Zinfandel – If there was a happy-go-lucky grape, it’s Zinfandel. Highly versatile and easy going, it seems to never disappoint in its generosity and unique personality. You can’t upset this one because its so laid back, it just wants to have a good time.

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