The Santa Ynez Valley delivered a beautiful harvest in 2009 and we are proud to showcase its bounty with our Qana Merlot. Nestled in the warm eastern foothills of the region, this Merlot vineyard consistently achieves great ripeness while maintaining the signature nuances of balance and soft, refined tannin that makes this grape so special.

Deep maroon in color, the wine shows little sign of its nearly seven years of age. The primary aromatics of blueberry and chocolate have developed nuances of damp earth, spice and coffee. The palate is rich and savory with flavors of black cherry and plum with subtle hints of fresh herbs and leather, leading to a finish with pronounced tannin and delicate flavors of spicy cherry skin and pipe tobacco. Further cellaring could lead to enhanced complexity but the wine has matured beautifully and is in a prime spot for drinking today.