This Chardonnay-based bubbly has it all, starting off with an electric, yellow-gold color. Its thousands of tiny, tight bubbles shoot upward and burst out of the glass with aromas of marzipan, crushed oyster shell and brioche that tickle your nose with every sip. And that first sip is one you won’t soon forget. The creamy flavors of green apple and pear are dressed up with nuances of soft citrus and honeysuckle. And you’ll love the complex finish full of mineral, toasted vanilla and smoky caramel. Tasting the Comte will make you realize that there’s always a reason to drink more Champagne, especially when it’s this delicious! I can sip on this all day by itself, but it gets even better with a variety of foods. Oysters, light chicken dishes, even a cheese plate – you’ve got so many great options.