Australia’s boutique wine industry is in the midst of a renaissance with a renewed focus on small production artisan wines. The McLaren Vale region, on the eastern side of South Australia’s St. Vincent Gulf, is playing a central role in this viticultural rebirth. The region’s coastal vineyards are home to some very old vines which dig deeply, penetrating the sandy surface to burrow into the iron rich soil beneath. The Kirama vines average 25 years old, taking full advantage of the warm sunshine and cool ocean breezes to produce hearty reds with uncommon levels of complexity and balance.

Deep glossy purple in color, the nose carries a beautiful mix of wild boysenberries with hints of chocolate and eucalyptus oil. The dense flavors of raspberry and dark cherry surprise the taster as the ripe, sun kissed flavors show such finesse and balance. The rich fruit and velvety mouthfeel continue through the wine’s finish with flavors of fruitcake and black pepper. Lovely on its own, the wine pairs brilliantly with sweeter savory dishes such as slow roasted crispy pork belly or barbecued baby back ribs.