For lovers of German Eiswein or French Sauternes the 2010 Fiala Late Harvest White Wine is one of the most delicious late harvest wine you’re ever going to taste. This half bottle packs a serious punch, it’s a blend of 50% Semillon and 50% Sauvignon Blanc that was harvested all the way into December to achieve perfection. Early October rains brought first botrytis to the grapes which helped slowly gain the right levels of concentration and complexity throughout the growing season. Once ready, the delicate fruits go through a very meticulous four-stage hand-harvest to ensure quality is guaranteed.

The 2010 harvest was just right for this style of wine to build up tons of richness and complexity, and it’s built to last for decades if you can somehow keep your hands off it. The white gold color lights up the room. The nose is outrageous with lemon oil, honeyed ginger, and pear nectar flying from the glass. Just one tiny sip is all it takes to be completely in love with this, the endless flavors of dried apricot and baked apples dipped in smoky caramel are a wine lover’s dream come true. And the finish finds perfect balance with the rich flavors and acid so the nuances of grilled pineapple, citrus zest and toasted vanilla go on for day Wines with this type of depth and complexity are brilliant food pairers. The classics are Foie Gras, a strong bleu cheese such as Roquefort, or a dessert like peach cobbler or a French style apple tart.