For hundreds of years these vines have been fought over because it’s right where the Pinot Noir plantings begin. The high altitude, the warm sun exposure, and the limestone soil are perfect to make either an elegant Pinot or a massive, exotic Chardonnay, and I’m so glad the Chard has won out! Just wait until you taste this, it all starts with the oily greenish gold color. The nose kicks off with honeyed pear and crème fraiche but it evolves into deeper nuances of wet limestone, olive oil, and toasted hazelnuts. Like I said already, the flavors are so intense, they run deep with creamy exotic lemon curd flavors and a hint of green apple and lime. But what does it for me is the finish. Take your first sip of this wine while you’re talking to someone, and you’ll completely lose track of your conversation because the finish grabs your tongue (and attention) and coats it with zesty citrus, honeysuckle and a mineral streak that will blow your mind. I love how this wine is drinking right now, but it’s only going to get better over the years.