First of all, the color is a sunny, buttery golden yellow with beautiful clarity, like a gemstone. The nose is exotic and floral with Acacia blossom and a touch of honeysuckle, balanced by a weave of minerals and a hint of smoke. The body is vibrant and layered with Asian pear, brioche and Hawthorne blossom, framed with fresh clover. The texture is creamy and laced with butter, but at the same time the whole wine is framed with perfect, laser-like acidity. The finish is impeccably balanced and leaves you wanting more and more-lingering with notes of crème-brulee laced with caramel-kissed toasted hazelnuts, and just a touch of citrus in the background. This is pure luxury—with the kind of full, round mouthfeel that makes you feel like you have thousands of dollars rolling around your palate. Have the first glass on its own and then pair with grilled Halibut and a hazelnut-citrus butter. Prepare to be utterly and completely spoiled, you’ll love it!