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  1. Donald Keene

    I am an American ExPat, currently living near Cape Town, South Africa. Several years ago we lived in Reno, Nevada and took several weekend trips to Sonoma. One of the wines we bought was the 2001 Twisted Tree Meritage. Those bottles traveled from Nevada to Germany to Virginia and finally to South Africa. Over the weekend we opened one of the bottles. To say the least, it was still fantastic! No noticeable “brown” tint along the edges when viewed over a white napkin. The cork was still very much intact, with no sign of leakage. When consumed from Reidel crystal, it was full what one could expect from a 15 year old American Meritage – deep red fruit, cigar box, earthiness with a long finish. Great vintage! We will now have to try your South African wines.


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September 14, 2015