2015 Bradford Chardonnay


Central Coast, California

This stellar example of Californian Chardonnay has all the refreshing zing you love about a great summertime white. Composed of fruits from the dry climate of Paso Robles as well as from the cooler Edna Valley, this wine is nuanced with rich minerality and zesty acidity. Look for notes of peach and melon, backed up with incredible mouthfeel and a deliciously satisfying finish. You can't go wrong when this is paired with anything that compliments it's acidity.


$162.00 /6 pack


Case (6 bottles)





California’s Central Coast is playing a leading role in the state’s production of world class Chardonnay today. Its diverse terroir offers the full range of the grape’s finest qualities and we are thrilled to offer an example of it with our 2015 Bradford. 2015 was another early drought stricken vintage for this region and most of California, but what it lacked in yields was made up for with fine quality. By bringing together fruit from the warm Paso Robles climate together with the cooler, later harvesting Edna Valley, the Bradford delivers an exotic expression of Chardonnay with balance and elegance.

Pale gold in color, the nose is a perfume of honeyed apple, sweet corn, and summertime petrichor. The palate shows both the rich and racy profiles of Chardonnay, first with soft melon and peach flavors that lead to more vibrant tones of citrus zest with a dash of minerality. The wine’s refreshing acidity lingers deep into the finish with flavors of orange peel and caramel, completing a beautiful wine drinking experience. This expressive Chardonnay pairs nicely with seafood dishes, a grilled prawn and mango salad would be ideal.