2015 Bana White Wine Blend

2015 Bana White Wine Blend



McLaren Vale, Australia

A blend 60% Savagnin and 40% Chardonnay, this wine is all about exotic fruit flavors and rich juicy mouthfeel.  Savagnin is quite rare, and its brisk minerality and crisp citrus fruit are the perfect base for this delectable wine. The pale yellow color lights up the room and the nose is floral, with white peach, mango, gravel, and notes of vanill. The palate is an explosion of lemon starburst and orange creamsicle. The finish is clean and crisp, braced with lime and spice wrapped in a tangy acidity.

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Our love for artisan small production Australian wines has never been more pronounced, and we are excited to share it with you through the release of 2015 Bana White Wine. This rare blend of 60% Savagnin and 40% Chardonnay from the cool coastal vineyards of the McLaren Vale is a wonderful study in the unique flavors and complexities that can come together when these two grapes are brought under one cork.

Pale yellow in color, the nose is generous with exotic notes of mango and vanilla from the Chardonnay tempered by hints of gravel and peach from the Savagnin. Like the nose, the palate engages the taster with attributes from both grapes with rich creamy orange and lemon flavors from the Chardonnay buttressed by brighter notes of lime and spice. A tangy acidity and nuances of lemon pulp and green olive lift the finish and keep the taster happily engaged with every sip.

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