Ahhh romance…here at Montesquieu Winery we love to celebrate, and Valentine’s Day is a favorite. Who can resist the classic pairing of love and wine? Not us!

As we celebrate this year, we’d like to share some delicious pairings for some of our favorite Montesquieu Wines—we raise a glass to love, romance and delectable wines!

In water one sees one’s own face. But in wine, one beholds the heart of another…French proverb

In this spirit we share our winemaker Hélène Mingot‘s idea of the ideal romantic pairing:

“For me the perfect tête-à-tête wine is our Moulin du Paradis paired with a beef stew if it is raining, or paired with duck breast or beef entrecôte grilled outside on a vine-wood fire. We gather the canes from pruning and burn them in our outdoor barbecue, pruning is always in season for Valentine’s Day. Start with our Gabriel Simon Grand Cru Champagne and a duo of fresh and smoked salmon. French wines are the best to celebrate love! But I am French, so I’m not very objective!”

Chateau Petrus-Gaia L’Elue

Also fabulous with the beef stew, duck breast or beef entrecôte is our 2008 Chateau Petrus-Gaia L’Elue Bordeaux by Stéphane Derenoncourt—a beautiful, supple Right Bank expression that is perfect for these dishes, or to stand alone as you linger in extended conversation!

Fondue is a great way to share a romantic meal, and this Fondue for 2 menu is a delight—four courses including Potato Rosti with Black Forest Ham and Chives, Green Bean and Red Onion Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette, Three Cheese Fondue made with Champagne, and Molten Chocolate Cake with Cherries. And the best part is the recommended pairing is Champagne from start to finish! Fabulous for our Cuvee Montesquieu Grand Cru Champagne, Jerome Dehours L’Insolente, or your favorite Champagne. We love the racy acidity and exquisite style of zero dosage that brings your palate alive and brings out the best in each dish!

Crab and Salmon Fishcakes

Another menu for a terrific romantic meal is by Sophie Dahl from the UK and includes Bruschetta with Fresh Fennel, Crab and Salmon Fish Cakes with Baby Potatoes and Homemade Tartar Sauce, and Lemon Mousse with Almonds. The menu starts with a whimsical Rose Prosecco Cocktail, so fun! The whole meal is delicious, light, easy to prepare, and great for spring as well. Any of our Roncade Prosecco will be fantastic all the way through the menu. Also particularly lovely for the Bruschetta and Crab and Salmon Cakes courses is our 2009 Mariflor Sauvignon Blanc from the Uco Valley, Mendoza.

Did you realize that there is Amore in every bottle of Amarone? Reds don’t get more romantic than our 2006 Monti Coroni Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, with luxurious chocolate dipped hazelnut and roasted plum on the nose, rich plum and blackberry laced with cherry liqueur, spice, sweet pipe tobacco, and a touch of smoke. The classic and delicious pairing is Osso Bucco made with Amarone. Ripasso is great alternative for the recipe and pairing, and you can find a fool-proof recipe here.

Cuvee Montesquieu Grand Cru Champagne

Now we wouldn’t feel complete without mentioning the ever-popular chocolate dipped strawberries. Try this recipe—and for an inventive and decadent twist, inject the berries with a favorite dessert wine such as Eiswein, Trokenbeerenauslese, or dessert Zin. Delightful pairings include our Cuvee Montesquieu Grand Cru Champagne as well as reds on the sweeter side like our 2008 Marmarot Merlot-Spatburgunder (late harvest Merlot/Pinot Noir blend) or our 2010 Castelu Dealu Mare Cabernet Sauvignon—both from Romania.
No matter which meals or wines you share with your Valentine, we wish you the very best and hope you enjoy to the fullest today and always! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Where there is no wine there is no love… Euripides

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