Today after 18 months of rigorous testing and a final OK from the FAA for flight patterns and the TTB for the first ever licensing of DDTC (drone direct to consumer), Montesquieu is proud to announce its partnership with AmazonWineAir, a new division of mega online retailer Amazon, on the world’s first ever drone wine shipment service.

Montesquieu CEO Fonda Hopkins issued the following statement about the groundbreaking service. ‘We have always strived to be a pioneering company in terms of sourcing the very best wines from all over the world, but today’s announcement shows an unmatched commitment to client service and connecting wine lovers to their favorite wines. If you live in a 20 mile radius of an Amazon fulfillment center – – you can order wine from your broker at 9am and have it sitting on your doorstep in time for lunch! You can even ask us to bottle decant one of the bottles in your case so it’s 100% ready to go the second the wine arrives. This is where the industry is headed, and in this world of immediate gratification, we know this service will be an instant success.’

Our service commences this week with our first packages going out Friday in time for the weekend. Presently the drones only have the capacity to carry one case of wine at a time given weight restrictions. New packaging has been rigorously tested and in case of CDF (catastrophic drone failure) we are confident shipments can withstand a fall from approximately 200 feet in the air. While we know clients will be very excited to receive these shipments, we strongly urge that clients stay inside while the drone is delivering their shipment. If you must go outside to observe your drone delivery we request that you wear a helmet, preferably a motorcycle helmet with a full mask.

From all of us at Montesquieu thank you for your business and we look forward to you enjoying our newest level of service!

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