If you have ever thrown a party with wine novices you might get asked one of the most common questions in all of winedom: What wine for when?

All too often we fret over when and where to unveil our prized vintages. We finally decide to open a choice delight and endeavor to share our passion with our loved ones…and then, much to our chagrin, our precious wine is guzzled down and not given a second thought. It pains us, but we have to understand that not everybody will appreciate these gems in the way that we do.

While it may seem obvious that you don’t want to crack open the 86’ Latour for a quick midday snack with your friends, less clear is the tricky conundrum of knowing what is the most appropriate wine for the occasion and company? During this holiday season gain a little peace of mind with these tips to help you with those difficult choices.

To save yourself some worry, and to spare some treasures in your cellar, rest assured that it’s quite alright to keep your best for when you’re ready. We can still share our love of the vine, and introduce our friends to some great wines, without sacrificing our most prized bottles.

We want to share our passion for exquisite wines, but your friends and family can still have their “eureka” moment with wines that may not be so highly anticipated. There are so many good wines available that finding one that is delicious and drinkable is not hard. Remember that your lesser experienced friends will still love your choice and it gives them room to grow into even better wines. Don’t spoil them too early or you might have company more often than you want!

The most important thing to consider is the enjoyment factor. You and your company can still have an incredible experience, drink some fantastic wine, and you can chuckle all the way to the cellar as you dust off that Latour for the quiet moment you’ve been waiting for.

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