• Can you pair wine with people?

    If you have ever thrown a party with wine novices you might get asked one of the most common questions in all of winedom: What wine for when?

    All too often we fret over when and where to unveil our prized vintages. We finally decide to open a choice delight and endeavor to share our passion with our loved ones…and then, much to our chagrin, our precious wine is guzzled down and not given a second thought. It pains us, but we have to understand that not everybody will appreciate these gems in the way that we do.

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  • Stomp Your Way to a Pocket Full of Cash!

    If you have ever seen the I Love Lucy episode “Lucy’s Italian Movie”, you will be familiar with the hilarious scene where she’s stomping grapes in an enormous vat and ends up covered head to toe in juice. How funny! Now is your chance to give it a try!

    The 2017 World Championship Grape Stomp is back! Join this action-packed riot of a time and compete for the right to brag for an entire year. Taking place at the annual Sonoma County Harvest Fair in October, foodies and wine lovers from across the globe will be gathering in Santa Rosa trying to win the $1500 grand prize.

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  • Hot or Cold Climate Wine?

    When we talk about a wine, we discuss the fruit, the tannins, the structure, the acidity, its freshness, and balance. Sometimes we venture into discussions about the terroir, noting the minerality of a particular wine. You might chuckle inwardly as you hear someone talking about the climate of wine, thinking there’s no way a person can know what the weather was like just from drinking a glass…or can they?

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  • Demystifying the Decanter

    Have you ever seen somebody pour a freshly opened bottle into a decanter and wondered why they need a fancy container to pour from when the bottle is perfectly good? Well the short answer is this: decanting makes your wine better! Ok, so now that we know we should decant our wines, we encounter the tricky art of knowing how long to decant each type of wine… Let us demystify the decanter and help you to coax your liquid gems to their peak potential.

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  • Which Wine Grape Are You?

    Being raised in a household of five you learn very quickly that every person is a unique individual, with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Wine grapes seem to share that quality. And like us, each one of them has it’s own characteristics that make it unlike the others.

    Read these personality profiles of some of the classic varietals and decide for yourself which one you think best fits your personality. You might be pleasantly surprised what you learn about your favorite grape, and maybe yourself as well!

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