Watching Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous will leave most people aghast at the extravagant excess that some people entertain. Take for example the guy who paid 140 million dollars for a canvas seemingly splattered with some painted—granted that painting was Jackson Pollock’s Number 5. Who could forget the 1963 Ferrari GTO that sold at auction for $52 million, 25 times what the entire company almost sold for in the 60’s. If indulging others with luxury is your thing then perhaps you already know about the Amour Amour dog collar, studded with 52 karats of diamonds, 18k white gold, and crocodile leather, and can be had for a meager $3.2 million. Your chihuahua Spike will look fabulous riding along side you in that GTO.

As wine people we like to entertain ourselves with the finest wines the world has to offer. So to whet your appetite a little, check out these tasty delights, 5 of the most expensive bottles of wine ever sold. Be prepared though, their deliciousness is matched by their price tags.

1. Chateau Margaux (1787) – $225,000 – $37,500 per glass

This bottle made the list for being one of the most expensive bottles ever sold but that’s not exactly what happened. A fateful exchange with a serving tray during a wine dinner in 1989 left this 200 year old bottle in shards. The insurance payout was boosted when the former owner of the bottle was claimed to be none other than Thomas Jefferson, although the owners were seeking half a million!

2. Chateau Lafite (1787) – $156,450 – $26,075 per glass

While it’s probably well past it’s prime, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to own such a remarkable piece of oenological history, especially one etched with the initials of one of America’s most influential founder—Thomas Jefferson, a well-known oenophile. A side note is that he signed two other bottles, a 1775 bottle of Sherry ($43,500) and the most expensive bottle of white ever sold, a 1878 Chateau d’Yquem ($56,588). You’re headed to the attic now to see what Grandpa had stored away, aren’t you?

3. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 4.5L Jeroboam (1945) – $310,700 – $8,631 per glass

Not only is this thing a Rothschild, but it’s a jeroboam—that’s 6 bottles in one! 1945 is considered to be one of the 20th centuries great vintages and a bottle of this caliber, in this size, is just about impossible to put your hands on, so think twice before popping it open.

4. Inglenook Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (1941) – $24,675 –$4,113 per glass

Considered the most expensive bottle of American wine ever sold, the Inglenook winery that produced it is now known as Rubicon, and is owned by acclaimed movie producer Francis Ford Coppola. An empty bottle is said to reside on his refrigerator as a memoir of his experience, of which he says this: “There is a signature violet and rose petal aroma that completes this amazingly well-preserved, robust wine that had just finished fermentation at the time of Pearl Harbor.”

5. Krug Champagne (1928) – $21,200 – $3,533 per glass

It seems like the record books for champagne are rewritten every week. In 2005, a bottle of 1953 Krug sold $12,925. Later that year a 6 liter bottle (called a methuselah) of Louis Roederer 1990 Cristal Brut, finished with gold labels, was sold for $17,625. Finally, in 2009, a single bottle of 1928 Krug was auctioned off in Hong Kong for the sum of $21,200.

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