• Do We Think Dry and Drink Sweet?

    There is a debate raging amongst the wine marketers of the world. On one hand we have the consumers shouting about how much they love the wines we think of as typically dry—wines like merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay. The other side of the coin is the data, which shows that consumers on the whole purchase wines which are considered to be semi-sweet….. So what gives?

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  • Demystifying the Decanter

    Have you ever seen somebody pour a freshly opened bottle into a decanter and wondered why they need a fancy container to pour from when the bottle is perfectly good? Well the short answer is this: decanting makes your wine better! Ok, so now that we know we should decant our wines, we encounter the tricky art of knowing how long to decant each type of wine… Let us demystify the decanter and help you to coax your liquid gems to their peak potential.

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